Marine Kleen Limited

Marine Kleen Limited

About Us:

Marine Kleen Limited in the Isle of Man, was born out of the conversations between two fellow Ship Captains, Darren Webster and Tim Newton, who wanted to bring an environmentally friendly product that is efficient, cost effective and complies with all the relative international and national environmental legislation, to market.

The result…Marine Kleen, a bioremediation cleaner that has been specifically designed and engineered for application in the commercial and leisure marine environment.

What we do:

The aqueous solution is made up of non-hazardous surfactant and bio-based enzymes containing bacterial strains which,
when used as recommended, can effectively and economically eliminate hazardous hydrocarbon pollution.
The hungry, naturally occurring microorganisms it contains; chosen for their ability to convert hydrocarbons and grease
into harmless gas and water; literally ‘eat’ grease, oil and hydrocarbons off of any hard surface – making it an ideal solution for
cleaning decks, bulkheads, engine rooms, galleys, all metal, and fibreglass surfaces as well as many others. It can also be added into bilges to bioremediate oily water and a perfect addition for SOPEP spill kits. Furthermore, it can be used in both fresh and salt water.

Marine Kleen is not just a product but a solution for the maritime industry, which is environmentally friendly, 100% natural,
non-toxic, non- hazardous, non-corrosive, non-caustic and has IMO MARPOL approval for use in sensitive environments.

Our Core Services:

  • Repairs, Reconditioning & Supplies

Contact Details:

Darren Webster, Director
Marine Kleen Limited
Suite 3, 1st Floor, The Jet Centre
Isle of Man Airport,
Isle of Man, IM9 2RJ
British Isles
Telephone: +44 7408 847513